Saturday, October 3, 2009

Network configuration for older brother (1260/1660) printers/Emulex configuration

I just rediscovered the internet archive backup of a website I had back in the 2000 odd. Most of the stuff from there is old and no longer relevant but may just be of some use to someone.

Network configuration for older brother (1260/1660) printers/Emulex configuration

Step 0 resets the card, you can probably skip this for a new card.

0. Remove the Emulex NetJet card from the printer.
0.1 Set Jumper JX1 to the 1-2 position (nearest the connector).
0.2 Put the card back in the printer and switch it on for 30 seconds.
0.3 Switch the printer off and remove the card.
0.4 Set JX1 to 2-3 and put the card back in the printer.
0.5 Switch the printer on.
1. Make a note of the MAC address of the printer (writen on the back of the NetJet card).
2. At a cmd prompt on the workstation type:
"arp -s ipaddress mac" for example: "arp -s 00-00-c9-09-22-67". Telnet to the printer
4. Enter the default password which is "access"
5. Type "su", when prompted for a password type "system"
6. You should now have a "Server>>" prompt.
7. Type "define subnet yoursubnet" to set the subnet.
8. Type "define node ip your_ip" to set the ip address. for example "define node ip"
9. Type "logout".
10. You should now be able to ping the printer from any workstation on the network.
11. You'll need to setup an LPR port on the server to connect to the printer, under Windows NT4/2000 use generic LPR.
12. The queue name will be "PASSTHRU", and protocol should be LPR not RAW.

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