Wednesday, February 4, 2009

PGF and tkz-graph installation in Ubuntu

Ubuntu likes to keep it's texlive packages at least a year out of date, so if you want to install tkz-graph you need to install it and pgf manually. Create a directory called texmf in your home directory (mkdir ~/texmf). Create a subdirectory called tex (mkdir ~/texmf/tex). Create subdirectories of this called generic and latex. From the pgf tarball copy pgf-2.00/generic into the generic subdirectory. Copy pgf-2.00/latex to the latex subdirectory (you now have ~/texmf/generic/pgf and ~/texmf/latex/pgf. Download the tkz-graph style (tkz-graph.sty) and copy it to ~/texmf/latex. I copied it to ~/texmf/latex/prof I don't think that matters... Next "sudo texhash". That should do it.

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