Sunday, February 22, 2009

LaCie NAS Drive

I recently purchased a NAS ethernet drive from LaCie. They are pretty cheap these days - about a hundred quid. I'm sick of finding out that I downloaded a particular file to my laptop rather than my desktop or whatever and this seemed like a good solution. It works flawlessly on the MacBook through the LaCie provided software. Less so, with the openSuSe.

I ended up installing everything in yast2 that even tangentically mentioned samba or netbios. I then opened up my firewall to the fullest extent possible, sacrificed two virgins, restarted netbios and samba a couple of times and lo and behold it worked. I then switched the firewall back on with samba and netbios selected as allowed services for the external zone and it seems happy enough with that. No real lesson learned here, just black magic. This is really just a note for other to let them know that it could in theory work.

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