Thursday, August 2, 2007

Nokia n770 internally mounted SD card

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clayg said...


powder2000 said...

Did this over the weekend. I actually took out the whole mmc-mobile slot. What I did though was put an SD adapter for a mini-SD card in there. I only had a 1 GB card laying around and wanted it to be removable without having to take the thing apart and re-solder. I may post some pictures on my blog. Thanks for the kick-start.

Anonymous said...

Easiest 770 memory hack ever??

I'm in the process of doing my own hack and just came across an interesting SD card dissection:
SD Dissection

Essentially.. this particular brand and size ( Sandisk 512 MB) has an outside shell that pops off leaving a half height SD card!!! So we wouldn't need to hack the 770 at all if we could find similar SD cards of greater capacity.. anyone got a dead 1GB or larger SD to pop apart and see?

JJones said...

Finished my hack.. I cut out part of an ISA card in the shape of the MMC card ( the contacts are spaced just right for the 6 connectors ). A bit shorter and it works very nicely. Oh, I did have to use sandpaper to make it a bit thinner.
I soldered to this "blank" and to the 2GB SD card to minimize changes to the 770. The wires were minimal as there's not much room for the wires even.
I did have to take a dremel tool to the back of the inside cover as well as shave off some of the longer part of the mmc door that protruded into the case.
I posted the above "half height sd" entry.. it'd be much better in all ways. Take apart your non-working cards and report back!

biophysics said...

Can you post the dimensions of the RS-MMC socket

I want to replace it with a SD socket from

Many thanks

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Anonymous said...

can u plz tell me the connection for simple MMC to sd adapter conn.

i have nokia 7610
it have a little bit flar MMC slot

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