Saturday, August 4, 2007

Nokia 770 Dual MMCs

Looks like the 770 will recognise 2 MMC cards connected to the MMC bus. However according to fanoush on the internettablettalk forum this may not be a great idea as: "they will run in legacy MMC mode (max 20MHz) and there may be bugs since this was never widely used." post here.

Anyway, here's how the wiring looks. Obviously if you intend to do this you need to figure out how to mount everything:

dmesg output:

and mounting:

again, this is currently with the stock tablet 2006 kernel. I also tried with an SD card and an MMC, that didn't appear to work, only the SD card to recognised (the other card didn't appear in dmesg). I've not yet tested how stable this is, just mounted the cards to check it works in principle.

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EJL said...

Was this ever tried with dual sd? thinking something could be done with the cs/ss line?