Saturday, February 13, 2010

n900 gnu screen in debian delete key doesn't work

See title. Seems to be a long standing bug in the upstream Debian package or something: . Here's my complete screenrc which also fixes a problem with the enter key in vim and changes the default escape key of screen from ctrl-A to ctrl-B put this in ~/.screenrc

bindkey -a -k fe stuff ^M
bindkey -d ^@ stuff ^?
escape ^Bb


Anonymous said...

Care to tell me where you found GNU screen for your n900 (repo, deb, etc.)? Have both extras-testing and extras-devel, but apt-get install is not succeeding with either.


new said...

I'm actually running it in the debian chroot which is installed by easydebian in the extras repos. It's surprisingly easy to install and get working.

Anonymous said...

Thanks lots, I am using screen in a custom Debian chroot on N900.