Sunday, January 17, 2010

Using gnu screens tab like functionality

gnu screen is a cool tool, I normally use it for persisting shell sessions running over ssh when moving between workstations or sites. However screen also has tab like functionality which I've been looking at using after fire up screen and then use the follow to create and navigate between tabs:

Ctrl+a c: create a window

Ctrl+a n: next window
Ctrl+a p: previous window
Ctrl+a ": list all windows
Ctrl+a A: name a window
Ctrl+a k: close (kill) a window
Ctrl+a number: jump to a window

What's even better is that screen has console based cut and paste! Here's how you use it:

Ctrl+a [: enter copy mode (scrollback)

In copy mode, you can use the cursor keys (or vi navigation keys if you like) to move around. Press space to begin a selection and space again to end it.

Ctrl+a ]: paste text from buffer.

1 comment:

jcftang said...

try using this in your screenrc

startup_message off
defscrollback 10000
hardstatus alwayslastline "%{kw} %{b}%H%{K} < %-w%{Wb} %n %t %{-}%+w >"