Tuesday, October 28, 2008

mmcinit causes reboot on beagleboard

mmcinit causes a beagleboard to reboot if it can't draw enough power. I had this problem when powering the beagleboard over USB from a unpowered hub. Plugging directly in to the PC solved the problem.


Jason Kridner said...

Good point. It is only recommended to use a powered hub to power the Beagle Board or expanded. Non-powered hubs only provide 100mA, whereas the Beagle Board takes up to around 400mA (2W). A powered hub provides 500mA (2.5W) on the USB port. Note that many operations on the Beagle Board do take less than 100mA (250mW), which is what allows you to get as far as you did, but the circuitry supporting the OMAP3 is not specifically designed to work at that power level.

new said...

Yes, want confused me is that I was connected directly to the PC which should provide 500mA I believe, but I guess being a laptop, wasn't.