Thursday, September 18, 2008

How do you get subversion to post directly to a blog?

I'm being proactive here.
[09:47] < nobodycares> can you create a hook into svn so that it tracks commits and
publishes the comments somewhere like a blog?
[09:47] < new> yes
[09:47] < new> easy way would be to get the svn to email in to the blog
[09:47] < nobodycares> I'm thinking that instead of a lab notebook you could have a blog of the svn
[09:47] < nobodycares> commit messages
[09:48] < nobodycares> how easy is it?
[09:48] < new> you can publish straight from an email address with, for example, blogspot
[09:48] < new> so you'd just tell the svn hook to mail that address
[09:48] < new> and it should all work
[09:48] < new> setting up a svn hook to send an email is easy
[09:48] < new> you need to have the MTA or whatever on your computer setup correctly mind
[09:49] < new> on the svn server that is
[09:51] < nobodycares> okay
[09:51] < nobodycares> I'm gonna forget about this. And ask you again in six months or so.
[09:52] < new> ok cool
[09:52] < new> so long as I know.

Anybody care to weigh in? The simplest way to me would seem to be to setup an email hook and get it to email your blog directly (I guess it will depend on your blog software), blogspot for example supports sending to a special email address which gets automagically posted to the blog. It's not very secure but it would work.

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