Sunday, September 23, 2007

Nokia 6630 & Obextools

How to get your stuff off of your nokia 6630 onto your linux computer. I realise its now an old phone and probably no-one cares but I thought I'd stick it up anyway. Its a decent phone, worth picking up second hand.

Get Obextools. I managed to get a few of the other tools like Kmobiletools working with the phone but they couldn't actually do a while lot.

Add the following to your apt sources.list
#Obex/ Mobile Phone stuff
deb extra main
deb-src extra main

Then run apt-get and install the following:
apt-get install tcllib tablelist bwidgets obextool

You may have to get tablelist separately. I got my copy from the ubuntu forums as a .deb package and installed it separately.

Now run obextools:
obextool --obexcmd "obexftp -u 1"  

I had to run this as root for reasons that are beyond me. I guess its probably some sort of group permission thing for my user account. But I had accessed the obexftp fine using the command line, so I'm not entirely sure.
Anyway its working now - so that I can download pictures from the phone. Woo hoo.

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