Friday, June 29, 2007

VM Player

Download kernel-headers and kernel-sources packages first.

Then get VM Player from the interweb, using the rpm installer.

Run the script and tell it where the relevant bits and pieces are.

I struggled to find the kernel-source files. Its important to have a good look around for these and trying to update the kernel headers and sources match - i.e. have the same version number.

In SuSE I eventually found them here:


or here:

run: uname -r first to see what version of the kernel you are running.

Next you have to download the vmx file. This contains the OS and the configuration for VM Player to use it. Look around on the VMWare website or here:
EG Kubuntu

Be aware - most seem to be torrents - so perhaps a work policy may be a problem.

After downloading the file unrar it and then start the VM Player. Give it the files it needs - that were extracted from the torrent. And then viola - your new VM Player is working with ubuntu.

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