Tuesday, May 8, 2007

openBSD 3.2 Sucks

Just in case there was any doubt. I then went and asked one of the BSD admins about my problem and he just shrugged saying "That's odd, it normally just works". Wankers.

pkg_add - its like apt-get but for gays. That will be all the bsd commands you'll get from me.


Anonymous said...

You retarded or something? 3.2 is extremely old and unsupported. Use 4.1, it just came out on the first of the month.

new said...

264So that's what they're forcing you to use now is it?

Ask them to move to something more mainstream, like I dunno the GNU Hurd... :)

Anonymous said...

Are there people actually searching through the web for "BSD and gay" just to go and flame peoples blogs.

Sheesh. And I thought nobody cared.

new said...

He was probably looking for gay BSD demon porn... which prompted a google search:



new said...

Ahhh all better now:


Anonymous said...

Ah yes, because we all know that Hurd has a better security record than everyone else, what with having never been made. Vapourware runs so well.

Be retarded on the Internet and people will notice, I'd have expected people to know this, but then, you're retarded enough to bitch about an operating system that is five years old, when a new version comes out every six months.