Monday, April 16, 2007

Syncing calendar across applications

I want to be able to sync my calendars, which are kept on a number of different locations. Lets say one on my phone (Nokia, running S60 symbian), one on my MacBook (work), one on my workstation at work (work, OpenSuSE) and one on my home computer when it finally arrives (debian).

So how does one do this? Well luckily, sort of, I may most of the changes on one computer - the laptop. So all I have to do is push to the other calendars. However, given they all use different applications I don't really want to have to use SunBird on the mac when it comes with a really nice app already.

So I used SunBird in the linux computers and iCal in the mac and whatever the symbian one is called on the phone. In order, to get them to sync I had to get access to a webDAV server. You can sign up for a free account on Its not exactly high throughput but it will allow you to share you calendar between your mac and your linux computer. The rather frustrating thing is that they sit about 30 centimetres away from each other.

Process: Set up webDAV account on
Publish calendar on the mac putting as the server. It is offered as https so you might as well use it.
Then subscribe on Sunbird as a remote location. Putting the same information in the dialogues now.

I'll update this post to see how making changes on all the various combinations goes, and also once I start playing with google calendars I'll let you know how that goes. Otherwise it looks good so far and was easy to set up.

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