Thursday, February 1, 2007

Set up subversion

If you are comfortable with CVS - changing over to svn shouldn't be too hard. First make sure you download the latest version of svn from your package manager.

Then to create the new svn repository type:
svnadmin create /foo/bar/repo

Then to check it out, you need to create a working directory and know the url of the svnserve. In my case this is a local server running on just my machine so the following will work:
mkdir svndir

svn checkout file:///foo/bar/repo svndir

You can now move into the svndir and start working.

Its probably well worth reading up on the differences between cvs projects and svn directories. Its probably easiest to think of creating a new svn repository for what would have been a cvs project. Also its worth bearing in mind that changes in a svn repository tag the whole project rather than a single file.

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